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breaded ravioli

one thing i love is cheese; another is pasta. [i'm a noodle lover and will eat almost anything that comes in a pasta format.]

so cheese ravioli = ♥

i love the deep-fried/toasted ravioli that is found at italian restaurants and decided that i might as well try my hand at making some. for inspiration, i used spoon aka nu-spoon's recipe for breaded ravioli. however, unlike the recipe, i din't use eggs and instead used chef boyardee's cheese ravioli with meat sauce.


berry pancakes

if you have a sweet tooth like me, then you get cravings at random times. i've gotten into the habit of eating pancakes to satisfy my cravings as a result. though i still have yet to master the art of cooking pancakes and learn how to make real pancakes, the quick ready-made pancake batter is enough to create a simple snack.

and in case you are like me and seem to make a pancake mess, you might find smitten kitchen's recipe / tutorial to be quite helpful with her many tips. [i used aunt jeminma's buttermilk complete pancake/waffle mix -- the "just add water" one]



today's project is a recipe for pizza-tarts or pizza pop tarts.

i really don't know where i got the idea from originally. i just remember wanting to make some sort of pop tart or rectangular calzone. one of the inspirations for this recipe is the pepperoni pop tart from kirbie's cravings.

{i'm not really going to follow the original recipe, but just use the picture for inspiration.}


no-yeast pizza

my first post~
yea ♥
today's project is a recipe for no-yeast pizza.

i originally had a huge craving for pizza and did not want to go to the store to buy the frozen sort. so i looked up how to make pizza dough... unfortunately i had no idea where my mom kept the yeast, so i found a no-yeast pizza recipe from cooks.com.


coming soon...

july 23-27, 2012

edit: sorry i was sick this week...
blog start next week~