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breaded ravioli

one thing i love is cheese; another is pasta. [i'm a noodle lover and will eat almost anything that comes in a pasta format.]

so cheese ravioli = ♥

i love the deep-fried/toasted ravioli that is found at italian restaurants and decided that i might as well try my hand at making some. for inspiration, i used spoon aka nu-spoon's recipe for breaded ravioli. however, unlike the recipe, i din't use eggs and instead used chef boyardee's cheese ravioli with meat sauce.


                                          ◎ 1             can of chef boyardee's cheese ravioli with meat sauce
                                          ◎ 1             slice of bread [i used a specialty wheat bread]
                                          ◎                extra store-bought bread crumbs
                                          ◎                shredded cheese [i used american pizza cheese]
                                          ◎                oregano
                                          ◎                parsley
                                          ◎                crushed red pepper flakes


first i got the bread.

it was time to make bread crumbs. so after arguing and somehow managing to persuade my mom that it was just a slice of bread and that it was "pretty old anyways" [we keep our bread in the fridge to prevent/slow-down-the-process-of mold], i pulled out the toaster and, after tearing the slice in half [because it wouldn't fit in the toaster], toasted the bread. it was starting to brown a bit too much for me [bordering on becoming black], so i took it out and started to use my fingers to crumble it. unfortunately, it was not hard enough. this resulted in some soft crumbs that, when compared to the store-bought crumbs, seemed like chunks. so i plunked it into the toaster oven [which my mom had told me to use instead of the toaster, but which i refused to because i wanted to do things my way] and toasted it for about 10 minutes [i mean less electricity with the toaster...right?]. i then proceeded to crumble it [not all of it was perfect for crumbling].

after i saw that the one slice of sort-of-crumbled bread crumbs was not that much, i caved in and got out the store-bought bread crumbs [something my mom had told me to use in the beginning] and added it to my bowl of bread crumbs. i also added some oregano and parsley for flavor and some crushed red pepper flakes for spice. and then i mixed it all up.

i opened up the ravioli and then started to bread them.

to bread them, i picked out a ravioli and using the side of a fork, scraped the meat sauce off it. then i used the fork to transfer the ravioli into my bowl of breadcrumbs. i used my fingers to pat breadcrumbs on both sides and placed the breaded ravioli on the greased rack that belongs to the toaster oven.

after the ravioli was all breaded, i sprinkled some cheese on some of the ravioli as a topping. then the rack was popped into the oven to bake at 425 °F for 15 minutes.

and then time to eat.
i would have used a FOOD PROCESSOR or SOMETHING ELSE rather than my poor fingers.

the rough texture of the toasted bread tore beluga, my nickname for my right thumb. my skin was scratched up and slightly peeling when i was done. true, there was no blood, but it hurt a lot!

also next time, i'm slicing the bread in half sideways and then cutting the halves into smaller pieces before toasting them. then i'm going to use the magic bullet and see if that will work to make "real" breadcrumbs.

i'm also going to use the toaster oven first because i find that it doesn't make bread so "burned" when used. also, i might try another type of bread. my mom commented that there was this slight bitter taste which i think was from the slice of bread that i used [i mean there was a multitude of grains in that slice].

i still don't know whether it was better to use sauce rather than egg to bind the crumbs to the ravioli though...

nevertheless, i personally liked them. my mom said that the piece she tasted was good, but she's my mom so she has to say things like that from time to time... though that's never stopped her before...

how about you? what do you think?

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