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berry pancakes

if you have a sweet tooth like me, then you get cravings at random times. i've gotten into the habit of eating pancakes to satisfy my cravings as a result. though i still have yet to master the art of cooking pancakes and learn how to make real pancakes, the quick ready-made pancake batter is enough to create a simple snack.

and in case you are like me and seem to make a pancake mess, you might find smitten kitchen's recipe / tutorial to be quite helpful with her many tips. [i used aunt jeminma's buttermilk complete pancake/waffle mix -- the "just add water" one]

the original recipe on the box calls for:

                                          ◎ 2             cups of pancake mix
                                          ◎ 1 ½          cups of water

however, i decided to use only ¼ of the recipie; therefore, the new recipe looks like this:

                                          ◎ ½            cups of pancake mix
                                          ◎ ⅜            cups of water

i also added some extras:

                                          ◎                a handful of blueberries
                                          ◎                several strawberries
                                          ◎                sugar

so the first thing to do was gather ingredients. i pulled out the pancake mix and the boxes of blueberries and strawberries.

then it was time to measure out the pancake mix and water.

then i poured the pancake mix into the measuring cup of water. i used a knife to mix it all together.


i used the magic bullet to puree the blueberries and strawberries and then added it to the pancake mix. i mixed the berries into the rest of the batter. to make it a bit sweeter, i added 2 spoonfuls of sugar.

the batter was now complete and ready for making.

i heated up my pan to about medium heat.

then i started making the pancakes, pouring out the batter, waiting for it to bubble, flipping it over, and then taking it off the stove.

{TIP : between pancakes, use a wet paper napkin and lightly rub down the pan; this will help get rid of any residue left over from the previous pancake.}

time to eat ♥
i think the next time i would like to puree the berries first and then add that to the water first; the water and the berries would equal ⅜th of a cup in total. personally i love eating these by themselves, but they are great with syrup and other toppings. i would like to apologize since i'm still not that good at pancakes... i've not only read countless tips, but have even had my mom teach me... but hopefully these will look a bit better if someone else makes them. i would also mix the batter better. towards the bottom of the cup, the batter did not get mixed well and as a result the final pancakes look marble-y.

what do you think? do they look / sound delicious enough to eat?

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