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no-yeast pizza

my first post~
yea ♥
today's project is a recipe for no-yeast pizza.

i originally had a huge craving for pizza and did not want to go to the store to buy the frozen sort. so i looked up how to make pizza dough... unfortunately i had no idea where my mom kept the yeast, so i found a no-yeast pizza recipe from cooks.com.

the original recipe calls for:

            ◍ dry ingredients
                                          ◎ 2 ½         cups of flour
                                          ◎ 2 ¾         teaspoons of baking powder
                                          ◎ 1             teaspoon of salt
            ◍ wet ingredients
                                          ◎ 1             tablespoon oil
                                          ◎ ¾ to 1      cup of water

however, i decided to half it. therefore:

            ◍ dry ingredients
                                          ◎ 1 ¾         cups of flour
                                          ◎ 1 ⅜         teaspoons of baking powder
                                          ◎ ½           teaspoon of salt
            ◍ wet ingredients
                                          ◎ ½           tablespoon oil
                                          ◎ ⅜ to ½    cup of water

the first thing i did was to clean the counter top. since i was going to use the counter top to knead the dough on, it needed to be clean. so i scrubbed it clean.

then i gathered the dry ingredients and mixed them together with a knife.

i added the wet ingredients.

then came the mixing of ingredients.

{TIP : using a knife or a pair of chopsticks makes the mixing easier because the dough will stick less to these objects than to a fork, spoon, or hand.}

after it was mostly mixed and sort of in clumps, i emptied the bowl onto the counter so that the "dough" could be kneaded.

i then smushed all the fragments of dough together.
it was time to knead the dough.
first things first... a layer of flour on the counter top to prevent the dough from sticking to the surface.

then i kneaded the dough [i did take pictures of me kneading the dough, but i'm too shy to post them here...]. in the past when i have made this, i usually spent a long time on the kneading because the dough was hard. for some reason, today's batch was really easy. i think there was more water than usual.

{TIP : if the dough is sticky add a pinch or two of flour to coat the dough being kneaded. if the dough is too hard or dry and crumbling, add ½ to 1 teaspoon water. add more flour or water as needed. the dough should feel smooth but not sticky.}

{TIP : if the dough feels too hard to knead, break it in half and knead one half at a time.}

the dough was done and now i could work on the actual pizza. i cleaned up the dishes and put away the ingredients.
[varies with how big the pizza is and how much you want]

               ◍ sauce
                                          ◎ tomato sauce [i used four cheese tomato sauce]
                                          ◎ parsley
                                          ◎ oregano
                                          ◎ thyme
                                          ◎ basil
                                          ◎ crushed red pepper [optional]
                                          ◎ cayenne red pepper [optional]
                                          ◎ sriracha hot sauce [optional]
                ◍ toppings
                                          ◎ shredded cheese [i used american shredded pizza cheese]
                                          ◎ mushroom [i used half a mushroom]

i gathered all my ingredients.

i tore off a small piece of the dough and then rolled it out.

i then spread some butter across the top of the rolled dough.

{TIP : spreading butter or oil across the surface of the dough will prevent the tomato sauce from soaking into the dough.}

next, came the sauce.

i spooned out some sauce into the center of the greased pizza base (the rolled dough) and then added the leafy spices and the spicy spices. i used the bottom of a spoon to mix the ingredients into the sauce. then i spread the sauce out, making sure to leave the edge empty.

i noticed that there wasn't enough sauce to cover the pizza base, so i spooned out some more tomato sauce and mixed it in with the sauce on the dough.

and then toppings ♥... i chopped only one mushroom to use for both pizzas. i sprinkled some cheese onto the pizza sauce and then placed the mushrooms; some more cheese was sprinkled on top of the mushrooms to cover any empty spots.

and so the first pizza was finished and then set aside.
>>>>INGREDIENTS [varies with how big the pizza is and how much you want]

               ◍ cheese sauce
                                          ◎ chili con queso spread
                                          ◎ shredded cheese [i used american shredded pizza cheese]
                                          ◎ mayonnaise
                ◍ tomato sauce
                                          ◎ tomato sauce [i used four cheese tomato sauce]
                                          ◎ parsley
                                          ◎ oregano
                                          ◎ thyme
                                          ◎ basil
                                          ◎ crushed red pepper [optional]
                                          ◎ cayenne red pepper [optional]
                                          ◎ sriracha hot sauce [optional]
                ◍ toppings
                                          ◎ shredded cheese [i used american shredded pizza cheese]
                                          ◎ mushroom [i used half a mushroom]
                                          ◎ sliced cheese [i used pepper jack cheese with jalapeno]

for this recipe you will need two small pieces of dough.

{TIP : if your dough starts to dry out, try kneading it a little... if it is too dry, add a bit of water and flour as needed to knead it back to being soft.}

then i rolled out both pieces separately. one of the pieces needs to be larger than the other. i spread butter on the tops of both of them.

time for the cheese layer ♥

i spooned out some chili con queso and mayonnaise. into this mixture i mixed in some shredded cheese. i spread this around the pizza base.

then i added the smaller layer of pizza dough onto the cheese layer. this way the pizza base will be filled with cheese.
now comes the stuffed crust.

it is visibly clear that one layer is smaller than the other. the bottommost layer is peaking out. i lined this bottom edge with cheese. then i folded and rolled it into a crust. this way the crust is filled with cheese.

then i added the pizza sauce. [i used the recipe as the basic pizza recipe.]

and now the toppings.

i sprinkled some shredded cheese on the sauce. then i placed the mushrooms. i tore up a slice of packaged cheese and placed the pieces on top of the mushrooms. after that i sprinkled more shredded cheese on top of the cheese pieces. on top of all the cheese i sprinkled some parsley flakes.

the pizza is completed.

i decided to use the toaster oven.

i got a rack and wrapped it with foil. then i sprayed it with a non-stick cooking spray.

i placed both pizzas onto the rack.

{TIP : if you are like me and decide to make the pizza on the counter top, be warned. make sure the surface is dusted with flour BEFORE you start adding the sauce and topping. otherwise, the dough will stick to the counter top. if you forget, just slowly "peel" the pizza off the counter top; this will stretch it out a bit and rearrange your toppings, but it is do-able. if you use a tray instead of a rack, try making the pizza on the tray itself.}

it is time to bake~

the original recipe calls for the pizza to be baked at 400° F for 15-20 minutes.

instead, i baked them for 15 minutes at 425° / 440° F.

{TIP : mushrooms take at least 15 minutes at this setting to cook... otherwise, they would be raw...}

after 15 minutes, i took out the pizzas.

they were done ♥

BTW... if you have any remaining pizza dough, remember to store it. i usually store mine in a ziploc bag and pop it in the fridge.

i would have placed the pizzas differently; the basic pizza should have gone on the right, and the cheese pizza should have gone on the left). the basic pizza's crust got slightly harder than i had expected and was crunchy, but still tasted good. also, i ate the basic pizza first and the cheese pizza had cooled down. so if you make the cheese pizza eat it as soon as it comes out of the oven to experience the melty cheese.

care to try them?

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